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Assault60™ - 4 Day Pack

Assault60™ - 4 Day Pack

Assault60™ - 4 Day Pack

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An ordinary backpack will suffice if you are going for a short trip where the only activities involved are skipping along and enjoying nature, but tactical bags are a must-have for thrill-seekers. These bags were essentially developed for military and police personnel, but civilians can utilize them as well.

    • This tactical bag is essentially like an ordinary backpack, but made of tougher material like 1000D nylon that renders it more robust and increases longevity – you don’t have to worry about snags, rips, or tears anytime soon.
    • The design of these bags is such that they are large yet lightweight, so you aren’t huffing and puffing all the way.
    • It has a capacity of up to 50 kg (60L) so you can keep multiple items inside without popping out seams.

    • Tactical bags are smartly compartmentalized – although there are separate pockets for your stuff, they are easily accessible.
    • While buying a tactical bag, you need to check if it has sufficient straps to secure it on your shoulders, but not too many as they tend to catch on brambles and branches, causing a hindrance. This particular bag has adjustable shoulder and waist straps so you can alter them as per your comfort level.
    • In case you are headed out to where there is scorching sunlight, heavy rainfall, or frostbite, it is important to be equipped with the right gear, or else your health can be seriously compromised. This tactical bag has a degree of weather protection, and loops for attaching additional gear to the outside.

    If you are the real “outdoorsy” type and love to go for hiking, trekking, camping, etc. on a regular basis, a tactical backpack is pretty much your survival kit. It makes a great gift for a fellow adventurer as well. Go ahead and order now!


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    I rarely write testimonials, but gotta give up to these guys. Thanks Survival Revived for answering all my questions quickly and promptly. Im really loving the gear too. Well worth the price tag in my opinion. I'm definitely getting anther Sleep Rite for my girlfriend. 

    Robert C.

    There customer support is unreal! I mean literally within minuets of sending an email they responded. There customer support needs to be the standard everywhere I shop.

    Nathan R.

    Extremely helpful! I reached out because the shipping was taking for EVER, which is unusual from these guys, and took full responsibility for it. They refunded my order in full and I got to keep my gear! After realizing that they cant't even control something like a pandemic happing, and still took responsibility for it is an absolute rarity. Your guys are the best!

    Amanda F.

    Really love this company. Genuine and authentic customer support and their products are great. Definetly becoming a regular here.

    Bobby. P
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