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Emergency Sleeping Bag

Emergency Sleeping Bag

Emergency Sleeping Bag

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Be prepared! This Emergency Sleeping bag might just save your life

Originally designed for heat retention with aluminized polyolefin. Emergency Sleeping Bags are now thicker, safer, softer, more compact, lightweight & effective than any other! It is built to last and can be used multiple times without any tear or fading.

Our premium quality Emergency Sleeping Bag is engineered to keep you alive if you are stranded in your car during a winter storm, forced to spend a night out lost on a hiking or hunting trip, and is a reliable addition to your survival kit. 

  • Heavy-duty tear and puncture-resistant polyethylene thermal sleeping bag
  • Re-usable, waterproof & windproof
  • Sealed seams protect you from wind, rain & snow
  • Perfect fit in your glove box, hiking pack, or bug out bag



This survival sleeping bag offers full protection against rain, wind, and snow to keep you safe, dry and warm no matter where you are. Thanks to the sealed seams, it locks out harsh weather, prevents ice and water from seeping in while retaining 90% of your body heat inside the bag making it a must-have for every adventurer's survival kit.


You can’t beat mother nature. No one can. When you’re in the wild, things can go from good to bad in a matter of seconds. You can come face to face with a bear. You can get lost. Dehydration, hunger, infections, rockfalls, avalanches, injuries, all of them can put an end to your adventure, or worse, to your life.


The Emergency Sleeping Bag can make the difference between life and death. It can save you from the number 1 danger in the wilderness. Something that kills over 5000 people every year in the United States alone.


When we say this Emergency Sleeping Bag is compact, we mean it. It can easily fit inside the palm of your hands while the ultra-lightweight allows you to take it with you on all your adventures without being tied down. Whether you’re going out in the woods, trapped in a car with layers of snow above or simply need a safe and comfortable sleeping bag, you can count on this waterproof emergency bag every time.

If you are forced into harsh conditions, staying warm and out of the elements makes the difference between life and death.  The Emergency Sleeping Bag is a small investment that could save your life.


  • SIZE (PACKED):  6 x 3.25 x 3.25 inches
  • SIZE (UNROLLED):  36" x 78" inches
  • TOTAL WEIGHT (IN STUFF SACK): 4.3 ounces (120g)


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I rarely write testimonials, but gotta give up to these guys. Thanks Survival Revived for answering all my questions quickly and promptly. Im really loving the gear too. Well worth the price tag in my opinion. I'm definitely getting anther Sleep Rite for my girlfriend. 

Robert C.

There customer support is unreal! I mean literally within minuets of sending an email they responded. There customer support needs to be the standard everywhere I shop.

Nathan R.

Extremely helpful! I reached out because the shipping was taking for EVER, which is unusual from these guys, and took full responsibility for it. They refunded my order in full and I got to keep my gear! After realizing that they cant't even control something like a pandemic happing, and still took responsibility for it is an absolute rarity. Your guys are the best!

Amanda F.

Really love this company. Genuine and authentic customer support and their products are great. Definetly becoming a regular here.

Bobby. P
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