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Multitool Bracelet

Multitool Bracelet

Multitool Bracelet

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Everyone’s taken a crack at making a smartwatch, but it took some brains to come up with a wearable that’s truly useful. Stylish and functional, Our 29 In 1 Multi-Tool Wearable Stainless-Steel Bracelet offers the versatility of a multi-tool everywhere you go.

Our multi-tool wearable stainless-steel bracelet comes with 29 tools integrated into its stainless-steel links. All the basics are covered: there are Phillips and flat screwdriver bits and both hex and box wrenches.

There’s even a carbide emergency glass break tool, a SIM card removal tool, and a cutting hook to help you open stubborn packaging. When your work is done and it’s time to relax and unwind, this bracelet is still ready to lend a helping hand with its built-in bottle opener.

When you need to use one of the tools, you slide it off your wrist and fold the band back to expose what you need. The links are also fully interchangeable. Not only can you pop a few out to get a proper fit, but you’ll be able to cycle different tools in and out depending on your needs.

What makes this bracelet different from the typical keychain or compact wallet “multi-tools” is its beefiness. We have tried a lot of different keychain and wallet multi-tools, and they all fall short in durability and usability. Usually made of very low-quality steel, I’ve actually had one shatter from dropping my car keys on the ground—an impact that broke the “tool” but didn’t hurt my keys.

Our multi-tool wearable stainless steel bracelet is made of 17-4 hardened stainless steel, not the pot metal you see in the $15 items. That makes it corrosion-resistant and fairly hard.

Another big advantage of our bracelet over the typical miniature multi-tool is your ability to get a proper amount of leverage with it. A prime weakness of the keychain models is there isn’t enough body for your hands to get a good grip.

With our multi-tool wearable stainless-steel bracelet, each of the links is held in place by beefy screws, with very little flex. It may look like a typical watch bracelet, but it’s a hell of a lot stronger.

This thing is TSA and security friendly. In fact, that was the original inspiration for our bracelet: being able to travel and pass security checkpoints with a full compliment.

The other function the bracelet serves is probably it’s primary function: jewelry. Sure, our multi-tool wearable stainless-steel bracelet is functional, rugged and surprisingly strong. But what it mostly does is say something about the wearer and his or her outlook on being prepared for life.

If you need a screw tightened, something cut or to borrow a flashlight to look for the keys you dropped in the server room, just look for the co-worker wearing our bracelet, because he or she will be ready for anything. That’s really what this bracelet does best besides actually working as multi-tool.


    1. 3/32" Screwdriver
    2. 1/8" Screwdriver
    3. Carbide Glass Breaker
    4. Cutting Hook
    5. Pick/Sim Card Tool
    6. 6mm Hex Drive
    7. 10mm Box Wrench
    8. 5mm Hex Drive
    9. 4mm Hex Drive
    10. 8mm Box Wrench
    11. 3mm Hex Drive
    12. #1-2 Phillips
    13. 7mm Box Wrench
    14. 3/16" Screwdriver
    15. #3 Square Drive
    16. 9mm Box Wrench
    17. #1 Square Drive
    18. Pozi-Driv #2
    19. 11mm Box Wrench
    20. Pozi-Driv #3
    21. #25 Torx Drive
    22. 12mm Box Wrench
    23. #20 Torx Drive
    24. #30 Torx Dive
    25. 6mm Box Wrench
    26. #27 Torx Drive
    27. 1/4" Socket Drive Adapter
    28. Bottle Opener
    29. #2 Square Drive

Product Details:

    • PRODUCT TYPE: Wearable
    • WIDTH: 1.2 in | 3.05 cm
    • CIRCUMFERENCE: 8.56 in | 21.74 cm, links can be added or
      removed to adjust sizing.
    • WEIGHT: 5.9 oz | 168 g
    • MATERIALS: 17-4 Stainless Steel


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I rarely write testimonials, but gotta give up to these guys. Thanks Survival Revived for answering all my questions quickly and promptly. Im really loving the gear too. Well worth the price tag in my opinion. I'm definitely getting anther Sleep Rite for my girlfriend. 

Robert C.

There customer support is unreal! I mean literally within minuets of sending an email they responded. There customer support needs to be the standard everywhere I shop.

Nathan R.

Extremely helpful! I reached out because the shipping was taking for EVER, which is unusual from these guys, and took full responsibility for it. They refunded my order in full and I got to keep my gear! After realizing that they cant't even control something like a pandemic happing, and still took responsibility for it is an absolute rarity. Your guys are the best!

Amanda F.

Really love this company. Genuine and authentic customer support and their products are great. Definetly becoming a regular here.

Bobby. P
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